The Silver Flame Initiation - with Barbara Ma-El

. : The Silver Flame Initiation : .
My Background with The Silver Flame

I was initially taught how to access The Silver Flame by my Liquid Crystals Teacher during an in-person course and didn't think much of it until several years later when I felt called to take the Star Child Liquid Crystal Remedy Manganite for 21 days.
I don't recall what my intent was for engaging this crystal and I may not even have noticed it is infact 'a Keeper of the Silver Flame', at the time, as it really didn't mean much to me. Known to be a very powerful crystal, I was surprised and disappointed that nothing much happened during my 21 day treatment. At least not yet!
It wasn't until another 6 months down the road when as soon as I became ware of a black magic net that had been cast around me due to a very viscious situation, that this high frequency pure silver-white fire spontaneously activated within my field and melted it in a matter of moments. I was gob-smacked because I didn't know I knew how to do that! I quickly realized this was the Silver Flame in action and was in total humbled awe.

Ever since I’ve been miraculously blessed and deeply honoured to have been journeying with this high frequency spiritual flame towards my personal healing and evolution.

I’ve cleared physical pain with it, have undone spells with it, have cleared and habitually protect myself from negative entities with it and I employed it in removing an insidious etheric implant from my body with it over a super intense 3 day period.

I was not expecting nor seeking to ever be given permission to be allowed to introduce it to others.
On Jan 2nd 2021, I received the directive.

What I have found to be so rare and compelling about The Silver Flame is that once we know how to access it for ourselves no-one else’s external input or actions are required.
I love that it facilitates a completely spiritually sovereign experience because this is THE VERY thing that must ultimately be restored within a Human Being for permanent healing in regard to the more shadowy spiritual phenomena.

I've found that once engaged with, that The Silver Flame seems to work on you in evolutionary non-linear ways.

I’m so happy to be able to let you know that such a thing is even possible, because most people turn to a shaman, healer or practitioner for help with these sort of phenomena, which comes with its own inherent risks and potential problems.
Warmly & Sincerely,
Barbara Ma-El