The Silver Flame Initiation - with Barbara Ma-El

. : The Silver Flame Initiation : .
Ensuring Safe
Sexual Healing & Activation Spaces

Sexual Energy is our Life Current.
Without it we're dead.
Its frequencies range from the base primal and animalistic, to the highest most refined energies of the Spiritual Heart.

The historic & on-going abuses of power in the realm of Human Sexuality are pandemic.
The range of wounding, trauma & cultural conditioning these abuses cause, strike into our core, because sexual energy is the Creative Essence of our Soul's vulnerable and yet indestructible Light.
This is why the personal and collective shadow around Human Sexuality is a great big raw nerve. Since negative forces and entities can only affect us, via that which we ourselves cannot yet see - the shadow - it means that sexual wounding is a prime target for attracting mal-aligned undesirable energies.
The beautiful and Divine levels of our sexual energy's vitality and light are highly desirable, sought after currencies to those who harvest it via the shadows we remain unconscious of, from the lower astral realms and indeed other dimensions.

I myself, would never again attend a tantric or sexual healing oriented event or private session, unless I knew for a fact and I'd experienced it first-hand for myself, that the facilitator either embodies high soul frequencies or is thoroughly versed in dealing with hostile hyper-dimensional phenomena. Ideally both.

Additionally, sexual energy opens the womb and this is beautiful when it occurs in a safely held container of Love and Trust. See this page about ensuring Safe Womb Work, for additional factors you may also wish to be aware of.

If you're either actively engaged in sexual healing & activation work or are considering it, I highly recommend learning how to work with The Silver Flame. It is simply a very high aspect of yourself.
When you know how to activate your sovereign access to The Silver Flame it can hold you in its frequency while you delve into the lower chakras - the base and the sacral / sexual - which is where most of our shadows reside as literal dark blobs inside our inner fields & streams of light.
In my experience, I would offer that this is doubly indicated, if you're uncertain of the integrity of the Wisdom stream you're engaging with.
Nefarious forces can only influence us via our shadows - that which we are still clueless about.

TIP : Another thing to look for in a facilitator or healer in this arena, is wether they themselves are actively engaged in their own inner work. Do they actively seek out their own shadows? It is easy for someone to claim that they are. Be discerning. Authentic humility, honesty and transparency are a few clues.

If you facilitate tantric or Sexual healing / activation work, either in groups or in private 1:1 sessions, and you're aware of these dangers, The Silver Flame, once you get good with it, can be activated to be embodied by you to temporarily seal the room or space you're working in with the women & men.
If this is of interest to you, I can teach you more about how this works, as part of my induction to the initiation process with you in the zoom call session, I offer.