5 WEEK TEMPLE JOURNEY - later in 2021
  6.30 - 8pm, PRANA HOUSE :

Golden Lotus


Golden Palm Frond
Golden Lotus is a series of meditations + movement practices to cultivate Spiritual Awakening, Sexual Activation & Embodied Sovereignty which are founded in an Ancient Taoist approach to the Female Body & Reproductive System.

This is a space in which you are given permission for the activation of your innermost sensual and spiritual wisdom, allowing you to be free in the expression of your desires, and the reception of your innate Divinity.

The tenets of Golden Lotus are that every being has the capacity to regulate and generate their own energy, creativity, health, wealth and fertility through simple yet profound cultivation practices alongside a disciplined receptive manner of approaching spirituality and sexuality within Self in relationship to Divinity - or God.

In Golden Lotus we recognise that your sensual sexual nature and relationship to your own emotional intelligence and intimacy is a wondrous powerful gift to be cultivated, cherished, and honoured.

  • This work is physiological - it encourages the awakening of physical inner light.
  • Gold is the colour of the embodied Soul
  • The work is held and protected by an exquisitely potent Living Transmission
Shiatsu based Meridian Bodywork BODY WORK

These deeply therapeutic and profound sacred bodywork sessions can reach into deep energy and emotional healing via deep-tissue massage, acupressure and soothing oil massage strokes.
Deep seated traumas and pain can be released, addressing both long term or acute issues.

One of the most elegant aspects of Golden Lotus is that it draws upon the Ancient Toaist approach to The Female Reproductive System, in that it focuses on the meridians that map reflectively to the vaginal canal and the cervix. This means that the cells and neurology in the female pelvis can be cleared and rewired with an indirect reflexive, full-body approach. This is of profound significiance to many women.


Golden Lotus Body work sessions are currently only offered in Mount Dandenong (40 mins from Melbourne CBD)
Located on a property we've named "The Sanctaury" because it's encircled & held by the Presence of 150ft Gum Trees. Eucalyptus Trees are known to be 'The Standing Sentinels Of Healing'.
It's worth the drive to come and join me in my Womb Sanctuary, deep in the forest on the peak of Mount Dandenong.
You're also invited, weather permitting, to relax and ground after your session in the beautiful gardens at The Womb Sanctuary.


Golden Lotus Sisterhood 5 WEEK TEMPLE JOURNEY

  • FREE INTRO : Will Be Rescheduled later in 2020- Pending Yoga Studios Opening again
    6.30pm - 8pm
    Prana House, Thornbury, Melbourne

    Info evenings are a beautiful way for women to understand the concepts behind the Golden Lotus work. When we are working with such intimate content involving women’s spirituality, sovereignty, physical bodies and sexuality, you need to know you are in good hands.

    Will Be Rescheduled later in 2020 - Pending Yoga Studios Opening again
    6.30pm - 8.00pm
    Prana House, Thornbury, Melbourne

    Join us for a 5 week journey into The Temple of your Body during which we focus on 5 distinct areas of your energetic anatomy to activate and purify the body through breath, visualisation, meditation, yoga, qi gong, optional jade egg work and traditional feminine sexual cultivation secrets.good hands.

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  • If you'd like to host me to come and run a Golden Lotus weekend intensive anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, send me an email.

Barbara Ma-El laughing in the Ocean

Barbara Ma-El

I've been awakening, healing & working within the timeless Ways Of The Womb over the past 20 years - as a Birth Doula, as a Pregnancy Photographer, globally as a Workshop Facilitator & in the Healing Arts.

I carry deep Medicine of the Womb-Heart.
The stories I've thrown into the fire have forged and activated these depths.
One of my greatest joys is to share the knowledge I’ve attained & transmit the healing I’ve embodied - thus far.
This is my soul’s calling.

I tend a holy flame that together with our men, we may Envision, Dream & Create our world anew from the inside-out, in celebration and in the hot wild fierce fire of Love - Wisely & Powerfully!


  • I'm a survivor who has done & will always continue to do the deep internal work to emerge from and forever thrive after:
    - abuse
    - fake spiritual teachers
    - deception and mind control

  • I'm a qualified Mizan Therapist

    Mizan Therapy is a Traditional Reproductive Healing modality that has ancient roots in many Cultures around the world. Cultures that hold the Wisdom of how to care for, nurture and heal Women's Bodies - naturally, non-invasively and respectfully.

  • I'm a trained and embodied Golden Lotus Practitioner

    Golden Lotus is a series of meditations, movement practices, sexual and spiritual energy education modules which cultivate Spiritual Awakening, Sexual Activation and Embodied Sovereignty. It is founded in the Ancient Taoist approach to Awakening, the Female Body and Reproductive System.

  • I'm an Advanced Liquid Crystals Practitioner

    The Liquid Crystals are vibrational geometric remedies held in pure water, comprising The Earth's Evolutionary Mineral Therapy.

    ∞ Practitioner Training - Level 1 (2011) & Advanced (2014 + 2017)
    ∞ The Crystalline Seeds of Physical Healing (2012)
    ∞ The Crystalline Way of Oneness (2012)
    ∞ The Crystalline Consciousness Directives / The 12 Crystal Skulls (2012)
    ∞ The Star Child Directives 1 (2013) & 2 (2014)
    ∞ The Teachers of the Great Oceans 1 (2013) & 2 (2019)
    ∞ The Garment Of Stars (2016)
    ∞ Art of The Shadow Warrior - The Shadow Chaser Series (2016)
    ∞ The Liquid Trees - Earth Healing for Love & Relationships (2017)
    ∞ TLC Practically - The Pleiadian Way (2018)
    ∞ The Roles Of Love (Liquid Trees.2) (2019)

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